5 reasons to meet Blockchain Studio

Blockchain Studio is devoted to crafting products which unleash the blockchain adoption

#1 Understand Blockchain technology

A blockchain is a history of events that uses cryptography to link timestamped batches of events together in order to make it evident if tampering has occurred.

  • Distributed ledger
  • Cryptography
  • Consensus
  • Smart contracts

Taken together, these characteristics allow two parties to trust one another based on the strength of the blockchain network without the need for a third party institution like a bank or government.

#2 Attend Rockside world premiere demo

the easiest Blockchain Orchestrator to deploy, run and monitor your projects.

Rockside is a Blockchain orchestrator. Its goal is to accelerate the industrialization of blockchain projects for companies and developers. Our first release is available as a private beta since November 1, 2018 for Rockside Launch Customer Program members.

#3 Participate in the "CES Wind Turbine Challenge"

and win super cool prizes ;)

Run the CES Wind Turbine and produce as much green energy as possible !

Rank Description Price
1 Legder Nano S. πŸ”‘
2 Mastering Ethereum. πŸ“˜
3 Blockchain Studio Cap and Shirt. 🧒 + πŸ‘•
4 Blockchain Studio Mug. 🍺
5 Blockchain Studio Candies (Gummy bears). 🍬

#4 Share real use cases

in Energy, Finance, Food industry and more...

#5 Set up Rockside from scratch in less than 3 minutes

discuss with our tech team to look under the hood

First, you need to install Rockside Engine. It allows you to manage your blockchain projects by inviting users, running blockchain nodes, displaying your node transactions, providing node's RPC endpoint ... Learn more about Rockside architecture

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The simple way to Blockchain! By creating a suite of applications, we strive to increase the knowledge on Blockchain, facilitate the usage of this technology and to accelerate the implementation of DApps for businesses.